Natural Gas Commercialization

Eleva provides the technology, finance and commitment to obviate the necessity of flaring and avoid gas reinjection, which erodes the economic value of the nations indigenous oil and gas assets. Natural gas, a clean burning fuel can be transported to customers nearby or remote, virtually or physically in an economically efficient manner. The successful execution of each gas commercialisation opportunity at each gas flaring site, will have a phenomenal effect, by industrialising and electrifying  the region affordably.

Natural Gas Distribution

We develop, construct and finance gas distribution assets in Nigeria. Eleva, driven by a partnership of highly reputable international technology players is positioned to develop and operate solutions that deliver natural gas efficiently and expediently to customers across the country.

LNG Distribution

Natural gas is moved in cryogenic trucks to satellite storage-and-regasification stations, typically located within our commercial and industrial customers site, to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted supply of feedstock for power generation and other applications. LNG substantially reduces cost per kWh of energy produced in comparison to liquid fuels especially in the areas of the country where access to pipelines are limited. LNG provided by Eleva is a cost saving solution to power generation.

LNG Stations

We promote a more efficient and cleaner logistics solution, by providing a robust network of purpose-built LNG refill and service centre stations for LNG powered trucks across the country. In doing so, Eleva aims to encourage logistic businesses nationwide to use environmentally friendly trucks.

LPG Trading and Distribution

Eleva engages in LPG bulk trading and nationwide distribution. Our goal is to provide domestically produced and easily accessible LPG to end-users. To achieve this goal, we have storage facilities at strategic locations across Nigeria to ensure a vast distribution coverage.